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Part Number Part Type Description QTY RFQ
FRN2W039OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,390m ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W590OHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,590 ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W16OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,16 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
SQZ7W01 NA lead spacing 0.76 Avl RFQ
FKN5W0309OHMT-BF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,309m ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W59OHMFT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,59 ohms,350wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W309OHMT-RF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,30.9 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W033OHMJT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,330m ohms,350wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W43OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,4.3 ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FSQ10W16OHMBULKG fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,16 ohms,1kwv,2% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W43OHMJT-R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,4.3 ohms,350wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W62OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,62 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W590OHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,590 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W160OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,160 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W16OHMGT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,16 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W62KOHMJT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,6.2k ohms,250wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FSQ10W150OHMT-BF fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,150 ohms,1kwv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W330OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,330 ohms,350wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W36OHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,36 ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W062OHMJT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,620m ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W150OHMJT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,150 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FSQ3W39OHMBULKJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3.9 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc,8732 case Avl RFQ
FKN5W068OHMT-BG fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,680m ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FSQ10W150OHMT-RG fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,150 ohms,1kwv,2% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W150OHMGT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,150 ohms,250wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W681OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,6.81 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W15OHMKT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15 ohms,350wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN2W030OHMT-RG fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,300m ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FSQ10W62OHMT-BJ fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,6.2 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN1W33OHMT-RJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3.3 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W33KOHMJT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,33k ohms,350wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W59OHMFT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,59 ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W15KOHMKT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15k ohms,500wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W18OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,18 ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3-4W59KOHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,59k ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W15KOHMKT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15k ohms,350wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W62OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,6.2 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FSQ10W059OHMT-BF fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,590m ohms,1kwv,1% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRL2W36OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,36 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3-4W15KOHMFT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15k ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W16KOHMJT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,16k ohms,250wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN1W030OHMT-BG fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,300m ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W33OHMBULKJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3.3 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN5W732OHMT-RF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,7.32 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W15OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15 ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W18OHMKT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,18 ohms,250wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W30OHMT-RJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,30 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W030OHMT-RJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,300m ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W62KOHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,6.2k ohms,250wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRL2W390OHMGT-R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,390 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRL2W360OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,360 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W62OHMGT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,6.2 ohms,250wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W150OHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,150 ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN3W15OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRL2W039OHMGT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,390m ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W59KOHMFT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,59k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W383OHMT-RF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3.83 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W150OHMFT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,150 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W16KOHMGT-R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,16k ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W332OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3.32 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRL2W390OHMKT-B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,390 ohms,500wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W068OHMBULKJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,680m ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN2W59KOHMFT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,59k ohms,350wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W0604OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,604m ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1-2W68OHMKT-B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,6.8 ohms,250wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN2W030OHMBULKJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,300m ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W374OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3.74 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Avl RFQ
FRN1W15KOHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15k ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Avl RFQ
FKN3W0681OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,681m ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Avl RFQ

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